Hardee's and Little Caesars steps up

Tributesongs says Thanks to all Hardee's locations that supports the Patriot Scholarship Foundation we hope other businesses will take Hardee's example and help support our Troops in similar programs. You may visit the Patriot Scholarship Foundation by going to this link.

Jonathan Honaker makes tribute for 911 at Wallace Middle School and brings the display to Euclid Avenue at Hardee's in Bristol, Virginia in support of The Patriot Scholarship Foundation. He is an active member of the Boy Scout Troop 3 this is Jonathan's way to remember 911 and to support the Patriot Scholarship Foundation for their fund raising of support our troops and their families. To the left is Jonathan's brother David Honaker who is a member of Cub Scouts Pack 318 in the back is Lisa Coomer manager of the Hardee's on Euclid Avenue and her son Cody Donelson.